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Eisen Flügel

Eisen Flügel: Lied der Kugel haben den Drachen erreicht?; Wings of Steel: has the song of bullets reached the dragons?; アイゼンフリューゲル; アイゼンフリューゲル 弾丸の歌よ龍に届いているか;

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Fantasy , Military

Chapters: 20

Last update: 8 months ago


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In a world where dragons rule the skies, mankind still dreams of flight, of someday dominating the heavens in their stead. Even in times of war, the passionate young pilot Karl Schunitz continues to chase his dreams, taking up his wings of steelthe revolutionary new aircraft, the Blitzvogelto challenge the Kaiserdrache, the fastest dragon that can fly at supersonic speeds. (YES, we know it should be "Eiserne Flgel: hat das Lied der Kugeln die Drachen erreicht?".)