Sorry My Husband, I Just See You As My Brother.Chapter 105HOT
Demon Wants To Hug ( season 2 )Chapter 78HOT

In This Life, Let Me Protect You.Chapter 39

The person who broke into his home was actually his custom-made humanoid doll."Why me? Why do you want to find me?" "Don't you understand?"

A Bad ProposalChapter 10

"How did you know to come here?""Perhaps, I really can't find someone like you so I can't leave you alone."Her boyfriend who broke up 7 years ago, Seok Hyun appeared before Hee Soo, who was struggling with his uncle's debt and was working at a cafe b

My PrisonerChapter 12
ActionAdultShounen aiYaoi

The Tiger Want To Eat  The Baby Rabbit.Chapter 15

This is a world where only [animals] live. Mu Wei, the lion who is known as the boss of the campus, fell in love with the rabbit Bai Li. He always looks majestic at school. When facing Bai Li, he will become super shy. This is the jouney make little

Ignore The World To Love YouChapter 9