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Bounus. : 20th anniversary special cover art
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The Exciting and Exquisite Bleach MangaBleach Manga is a Japanese Manga series that is illustrated and writer by Tite Kubo. Bleach has over two hundred series in which most of the series have evolved into anime series and it follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Kurosaki is a soul reaper commonly known as Shinigami in Japan and he gained powers from Rukia Kuchiki. In his quest to defend humans from evil spirits, Kurosaki pushes them into after life. Bleach is collected into 58 volumes, which are popularly known as Tanlobon volumes, and each of the books discusses the character that is on the cover page. In Japan alone, bleach has released over 500 chapters and there are numerous English versions that are written with katakana on each of them. Bleach Manga has been a continuous series on the ShMnen Jump since 2001 and sold over fifty million copies in Japan and was recorded as the highest Manga seller in the United States.Gotei 13 Captains Bleach MangaBleach has a wide array of characters from captains of soul society to the modern foes of Espada and the incumbent ranks of Vizards. Each cast has a special weapon that identifies him or her in the realm of the series. Currently Bleach Manga story unravels into the past and it mainly revolves around Vizards, the Vizards were previously referred to as group of unknown characters who have both hollow and Shinigami abilities. Moreover, the story reveals the history of Urahara Kisuke and 12th division captain. He is introduced at the beginning of the Manga, is a mentor of soul reaper Ichigo, and is also a Vizards benefactor. The story gets interesting when Ichigo is fighting the evil spirits while the various captains of society are struggling to bring them back. With numerous untamed action and activity bleach Manga has gained popularity across the globe.Where To Read Bleach Manga OnlineIf you're a fan of the Bleach manga, then you're certainly not alone. As one of the best reviewed mangas of all time, it's easy to see why Bleach is so popular. In this guide, we're going to take a closer look at what this manga series is all about - and we'll also give you a few tips on where to read Bleach manga online. With this in mind, let's get started.First of all, the Bleach series was written and created by Tite Kubo and it focuses on the fascinating adventures of a teengager called Ichigo Kurosaki. Early in the series, he acquires the power of a Shinigami (commonly known as a Death God). However, when you acquires these incredible powers - he also inherits a great deal of responsibility to go along with them.Captain of the 10th Division in Bleach MangaA big part of these responsibilities is defending humans from rogue spirits who don't wish to cross over into the afterlife - and completing his role as a Shinigami is the catalyst for myriad adventures that segue between multiple different realms of existence.At this moment, there's currently 70 volumes of the story, and it's even spawned a popular anime version of the original manga - which has received equally positive reviews. What's more, there's been a view feature length movies, and even video games dedicated to this world.So now that you have some idea of what this series is all about, where can you go to read Bleach manga online? Well, let's take a look at some of your options.Bleach Manga AMW - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra1 - Manganel.comThis popular manga website is a great place to read some of the older manga from the Bleach universe, as they stock a great deal of full mangas in both english and their original language of japanese. They tend to be kept very up to date, so even when a latest edition has been released, you'll soon be able to find it uploaded to this website. 2 - MangaStreamHere's another source for reading Bleach online, as well as a range of other popular mangas. They tend to be up to date most of the time, although occasionally there can be some downtime when it comes to releasing the latest translated versions. So if you're in a hurry, you may need to look elsewhere for new releases. However, this is a great supplier of the older Bleach manga, so if you're looking to start reading the series from scratch, this is a great place to start.ConclusionOverall, it's safe to say the Bleach manga is one of the best that's ever been created - so if you're thinking of picking this up, you're making a great decision.What's more, it's easier than ever to find accurate translations of this manga online, so you shouldn't have too much trouble at all when it comes to finding a place to begin your journey. Ultimately, this is one of the best mangas you could read, and most fans of the series have fond memories of when they first discovered it - so you're in for a great ride!Other attractiveManga :+ Onepunch Man Manga+Ao no Exorcist Manga

Chapter 145

Part 2 : Tokyo Ghoul : ReTokyo Ghoul Mangais a story happening in a world where instead of undertaking the first rank on the food chain, human being is hunted and devoured by a human-like creature named Ghoul. This organism possesses supernatural powers beyond capacity of a normal man.AMW Tokyo Ghoul - We AreAs a result, Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG), a federal agency of highly professionally trained people to deal with crimes related to ghouls with special weapons was incorporated.They, Ghoul Inspectors, are rarely seen without big suitcases. Main content of the story is fierce fighting between Ghouls eating human flesh and Individuals who on behalf of mankind are combating for purpose of survival and extermination of devil. However, appearance of Ken Kaneki (the main character) makes everything overturn.Tokyo Ghoul MangaKaneki Ken (18 years old), a protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul Manga, is the first year student of Kamii University in Tokyo. After the meeting with Rize Kamishiro at Anteiku coffee shop in 20th ward and having the same hobby of book and novel reading, this gentle boy decides to date with her. After the date, Rize suddenly attacks Ken under the nature of a Ghoul. Due to failure of resistance, he tries to escape from Rize's kill. Fortunately, at the most dangerous moment, Rize was struck by a fallen i-beam, Ken survives with serious wounds. To save his life, the surgeon Kanou decided to transplant some Rize's organs into his body. Henceforth, his life turns over a new chapter with full of tragedies. After the operation, he develops ghoul like tendencies - must consume human flesh to survive and characteristics and his rationality begins to wane. As one that is now both ghoul and human he struggles to keep his human identity and always fighting against his ghoul side while trying to continue to live like a normal human. Kaneki later works as a waiter for Anteiku a coffee shop founded in 20th ward to give a hand to weak ghouls in the secret under Yoshimura's guidance. After his fight with inspector Amon, he gains the name "Eye Patch" because of his mask's design and somewhat famous after another ghoul saw him defeating the investigator.Attack on Titan mangaHajime no Ippo manga

Chapter 700.5 : Uzumaki Naruto
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Read Naruto Manga Online Naruto is a manga series from Japan. It's about the story of a young ninja who wants to become the strongest leader in his village. The series were produced by Masashi Kishimoto and in 1997 were published. Later this manga was adapted into a TV anime. This studio also has developed 10 movies as well as a number of video animations. You can read Naruto manga online, which until today has sold over 220 copies around the world (except from Japan in 35 more countries), making it the 3rd best selling series of manga in history.Main character in Naruto MangaThe StoryWhen he was a child, Naruto was isolated from its community. The people in the village treated him as he was Nine-Tails itself and don't want him. None in the village had the right to mention the Nine-Tails, in order to prevent Naruto from finding the truth. But 12 years later, he finds out the truth from ninja Mizuki, who told him. Some time later, Naruto becomes a ninja and usually competes against other teams, and they form a three-person team by the name Team 7. Like all the other similar teams in every village, the Team 7 has to complete missions that are requested by the villagers, ranging from being bodyguards or doing chores. After participating in a number of missions, the Team 7 is allowed to take place in an exam, in order to move up in hierarchy and be able to be involved in more difficult missions. After 2,5 years, Naruto returns from training and he continued with his team to fight the Akatsuki members.ProductionWhen Kishimoto first made the plot of the story, thought that it was a mess. For example, he thought that the chakras, along with other hand signs made Naruto look like a lot of Japanese them, but he believed that it could be enjoyable for reading. In these particular series, he actually tried to make his characters to look like unique ones. Above all he based his main theme on the Japanese culture and he separated the characters in the series into different teams, in order to give to each team a special flavor. He wanted to make each member to look like an 'extreme' character and when he was creating them, Kishimoto followed the 5 steps, like drafting, sketching, colouring, inking and shading. Moreover, when he started creating the series, Kishimoto paid attention to the designs of the village and the settings. For instance, the village was created spontaneously, but he took the idea for the scenery from his home in Okayama, in Japan.Naruto Anime & FilmsNaruto manga transform to Anime - Naruto Shippuden AMVThe Naruto Anime made its debut in Japan TV Tokyo in October 2002 and was concluded in 2007 after 220 episodes. In addition, these series led also led to the production of 10 films. The first one under the title 'Ninja clash in the land of Snow' was first released in August 2004 in Japan and told the story fo how Team 7 was sent to the Land of Snow, in order to protect the actors from shootings of he new Princess Fun movie.Music & Video GamesThe soundtracks of 'Naruto Manga' were composed by T. Masuda. The first under the title 'Naruto Manga Original Soundtrack' was released in April 2003 and had 22 tracks. In addition, the video games of Naruto, which are mostly fighting games, were seen in various consoles from Sony, Microsoft and NintendoOther attractive Manga :+ Seraph of the End+ Hunter x Hunter Manga

Chapter 12
DoujinshiRomanceSchool lifeSmutYuri

An after school romance of two girls.

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The richest woman in the world, Laurencia Aztane, had success in both work and beauty, but her life was miserable. She worked day and night to protect the one and only family, her weak twins, Erusia. However, she discovered a cruel truth that the illness of her sister, Erusia, was a complete lie, and that she was cooperating with her fiance to buy all of her property. At the moment Laurencia was forced to turn her back on her pain and remorse, she had gone back eleven years before her engagement. Her faith in Erusia, her affection for her fiance; all of it could go to hell. Listen carefully, Sister, there is no good sister now. I pledge to redesign my life. The first thing is, I have to be tied up with a national hero whom the scumbag in the past cannot possibly deal with "I'll take care of the debt that you took unfairly. Instead, be my marriage partner, Grand Duke Verdian."

Vol.16 Chapter 388.5: Epilogue
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Red Storm is an on-going weekly manhwa/webtoon collection drawn by Ahm Hyun and composed by Noh Kyungchan.Red Storm follows the life and experiences of Yulian Provoke, the Young Glow (Glow is a name similar to Chieftan) of the Pareia Tribe, who dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior of the Red Desert. The early portions of the narrative focus on Yulian assembly Noya, a strong guy from another measurement, who instructs him a unique style and later becomes his expert. As the narrative advances, the manhwa tells of Yulian's aim of developing a group of warriors powerful enough to fix any issue called "Red Storm".Red Storm NovelBefore getting a webtoon red Storm was first a novel. The writer, Kyungchan Noh, had written a novel, titled from an identical name, in the entire year of 2006. It was afterwards that this sam-e novel became accommodated into a webtoon, released by Daum, by the entire year of 2012.It was published by Rok Media with more than 300 300 pages for every one of the 6 volumes launched - including of typical 7 chapters each. It was afterwards republished by Intime Network, to be re-surfaced, as a readily available on-line novel by March 2014.As yet, the Korean Novel is not licensed in to other languages of.

chapter 139.5

The Best Attack On Titan Manga ReviewAttack on Titan Manga is a series created by Hajime Isayama. The series is based on a fictional story of humanity's last stand against man-eating giant creatures known as Titans. The series commenced in 2009 and has been going on for 6 years now. Attack on Titans manga is expected to continue with the success, and even get better with time. According to the series' editor Kuwakubo Shintaro, there are approximately 3 years' worth of chapters yet to be published for the extensively popular manga.Characters in Attack on Titan MangaSet in an alternative universe about a century ago, when the grotesque giants known as titans attacked and consumed all but a few thousand humans. The 3-15 meters tall giants looked extremely similar to humans, and when they appeared, they almost drove humanity into extinction. The few lucky survivors took refuge and hid behind giant walls. They built the 3 set of high, solid walls around their capital to keep the Titans off and save them from these monsters.For over a hundred years after the survivors built the walls and hid from Titans, peace had prevailed, and humanity enjoyed the sweetness of freedom and safety. They forgot all the bad memories of the gory past. After one hundred and two years of peace and joy, suddenly a sixty-meter-tall titan attacked the outermost wall. What could have been humanity's worst nightmare had suddenly come to life, and the pain and fear of perishing began to reign in their minds. Other titans entered the part of the city between the first two walls, then killed and ate people living there.Eren Jaeger, a ten-year-old boy who had witnessed his own mother perish in the hands of the titans, vowed to avenge his mother's death against the titans and wipe the giant creatures out completely. The boy joined Training Corps, which trained people who were ready to join the war against titans, and five years later he fights his first battle against the titans.The narrative of Attack on Titan Manga revolves around the experiences of his foster sister, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, as well as their childhood friend. Following the wall which protects Titans breach their hometown of Shinganshina, Eren sees in horror as his mom is eaten by among them.Five years after, the three cadet graduates are placed in Trost District, one among the border towns when the Titans assault again jutting out of Wall Rose. In the ensuing conflict, among the Titans eats Eren before the eyes of Armin. A Titan after appears and starts fighting with the other Titans while blowing off people; the Titan is disclosed to be Eren, that has acquired the capability to transform into one. After being put on trial for being a risk to the people, he's taken in from the Survey Corps' Special Operations Squad, headed by Captain Levi.In a expedition to Shinganshina, a Female Titan who tries to get Eren attacks the Scouts. Even though the Scouts really are able to briefly get the Female Titan, free and devastates Levi's squad breaks, driving the expedition to pull away. Armin decides the Female Titan is among the cadets who instructed Eren to fight, Annie, and formulates a strategy to get her at Stohess. In this operation, collateral damage shows that Titans make up the walls enclosing the human settlements and reside in.Some of Eren's pals will also be disclosed in order to transform into Titans and was sent as spies by an unidentified party to locate something called "The Coordinate". It's after verified that the Coordinate is the capacity to command other Titans at will, and that that power is held by Eren. The Military Police as well as the royal family track his buddy Krista Lenz and Eren, who's really Historia Reiss, the successor to the king that is true, Rod Reiss, as the present king is but a figurehead.Eren also gets a fresh power that enables him to create long-lasting and substantial constructions the Survey Corps mean to make use of so that you can seal the breach in Shinganshina and retrieve Wall MariaToriko mangaHajime no ippo manga

Chapter 73.6

Read Claymore mangaShow is set on a fictional medieval island where people are harassed by Yoma, humanoid shape-shifters that feed on people. A cryptic group, called The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrid vehicles to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear uniforms that are armored.Main character in Claymore mangaClaymore and Yoma warriors likewise are powered with a demonic energy, Yoki, allowing shape-shifting extreme strength and. The action of awakening is likened to the sensation of sexual climax while both female and male warriors existed in days gone by hence the development of male Claymores ceased completely and only the girls proved to be successful warriors.The isle world is divided with one warrior delegated to each. Claymore warriors No. 1 through 47 are rated on their service line Yoki possible, strength, agility, wisdom, feeling and leadership. A warrior's status falls and climbs based on the warrior's strength in terms of other warriors. It's not clear when the possibility lies within the warriors or whether the warriors strength comes from training/expertise.Along with all having distinct names, most warriors (typically full of status) further their identity by possessing an original sword technique, fighting style, or yoki power. A couple of fighting styles include: releasing a blast of yoki to get a brief fit of speed, fighting with two swords, and extending the arm. For yoki skill, there are quite precisely in close quarters and many Claymores who are able to feel yoki over vast spaces. This seems to be, while not attacking, a precious and very uncommon skill as well as the Claymores in the Organization with this skill are generally highly rated. Additionally, there are four Claymores which have attacking techniques which are yoki. The first is Galatea's power to command her adversaries yoki for short intervals during conflict, generally to cause the assault to lose of the enemy. The 2nd is Teresa's: her power to feel yoki is not really weak that she is able to feel her adversaries body being moved around by it how and when her enemy would attack next, and will thus feel, a technique afterwards reproduced by Clare. The next skill is the fact that of Raftela who's in a position to control movements and the eyesight of other Claymores. She's used as an anti-warrior warrior.Claymores would be the titular characters of the show.People would be the most numerous and politically dominant species understood in both the Mainland as well as the Island.Yoma are beings that feed on blood and human flesh. They are able to shapeshift into human form which allows them to dwell among people. They are created by the Organization by sending them to the North while the daughters are sent to the East to become Claymores and rounding up orphan sons. The outcome is a Yoma.Yoma have rate and strength beyond individuals and will regenerate damaged bodies at unbelievable rates. Yoma in their authentic state have gold cat like eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws, muscle, elongated limbs and torsos, blood that is purple and grey, purple, brown or green skin.Other manga:+ UQ Holder Manga+ Tenkuu Shinpan manga

Chapter 30

Gojo Satoru x Itadori Yuuji....

Vol.43 Chapter 396 (V2) : Yet-Unseen Ingredients!!
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Toriko Manga is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Mitsutoshi ShimabukuroIn a world where the flavor and feel of food is very significant, there exist people called Gourmet Hunters (Bishokuya) who focus on the acquisition of uncommon ingredients and c

Chapter 69
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaEcchiFantasyGender benderHaremHistoricalHorrorJoseiMartial artsMatureMechaMedicalMysteryOne shotPsychologicalRomanceSchool lifeSci fiSeinenShoujoShoujo aiShounenShounen aiSlice of lifeSmutSportsSupernaturalTragedyWebtoonsYaoiYuriManhwaManhuaIsekai

Though we get closer, the gap that can't be crossed. Our uncertain relationship - warm like pastel colors, but unable to burn hotly like primary colors. This fall is the beginning of the campus couple that'll make your heart race.You may also like:+ UnTOUCHable+Sweet Guy+ Skill of Lure+ Brawlling Go

Chapter 247

D.Gray-man follows the adventures of 15-year-old Allen Walker, whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy akuma, evolving machines created by the Millennium Earl to help him destroy humanity. As ordered by his master General Cross Marian, Allen becomes an Exorcist, people who can destroy akuma, for the Black Order, an organization attempting to stop the Earl. He becomes a powerful asset for the Order because he can detect disguised akuma with his left eye. Allen is sent to recover pieces of Innocence, a substance that gives certain people, called Exorcists, the ability to destroy akuma. The Earl decides to call together the Noah Family, superhuman descendants of Noah who can destroy Innocence. Both sides start the search for the Great Heart, the most powerful piece of Innocence that will assure victory to the side that finds it.


I've possessed a character in an R-rated BL manhwa.It's in a world where people, whose craziness ranges from one to ten, appear."Franz, can you take off your clothes for a moment?""Sister? Wh-Why my clothes?"Their crazy serenade had already begun.Having been faced with the violence my younger brother had to endure, I made a vow."Instead of Franz, I'll have [Schuette] instead."Those people are coming soon.The people who will exterminate my family, and when that's not enough, they'll devour my younger brother's innocence."And I'll become a knight to succeed our family and carry on its legacy."If he doesn't go, I'll die!That's how I thoroughly hid my brother anddecided attend all the official events myself.But something's wrong."I do! I love Kayla Vesta!""If Young Miss gets hurt, then I'll""I don't feel the need to wait any longer."Didn't you all like men?Why are you all suddenly obsessed with me?First, Let's Hide My Younger Brother / First of All, Let's Hide My Younger Brother /

Chapter 64.5

An injured slave elf is saved by an apothecary.Read more

Chapter 141 (Epilogue)
AdultAdventureDoujinshiShounen ai

Pairing: Sweden x Finland From Hikari_Kaitou: A conversation with Estonia makes Finland realize how terribly lonely it must be for Sweden to have to spend every Christmas alone while Finland does his Santa duty. He rushes home on Christmas night, hoping to surprise Sweden with his early return, but finds that Sweden has gone somewhere. As Finland spends the last few hours of the 25th alone, waiting, he begins to feel really guilty about having left Sweden to this fate all these years.

Chapter 0.8 : afterword.8 : family serv..

Paring: Levi x ErenSummary: Eren is an Omega who knows who his mate is despite having never known them, Levi of his favorite band No Name. Will Eren ever be able to meet his destined one, or has fate ruled that he can only view him from afar.

Chapter 60
CompletedCrimeDemonsDoujinshiDramaHaremIsekaiJoseiManhwaMechaReincarnationRomanceSchool life

"Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this!" I reincarnated as Irene Weber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from overtime because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the reincarnation and died of overwork, intends to protect her beloved brother from such a terrible thing. No overtime! No call after work! Evil boss, go away! Work less and earn more, brother! To the end, Irene tries to separate the prince from her brother. A method to win by knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. Irene scraps a little record without leaving any details, of the Prince whose face she doesn't even know about, for the future. Somehow, her brother's face, looking at such Irene, is dark "Brother, if you're meeting the Crown Prince today, I'll go with.." "Absolutely not." Do you want to meet him alone so much?' *** "Before that, Benjamin Weber, when can I meet your sister?" "Not for the rest of your life." The most affectionate brother and sister of the continent. Will the day come when these two siblings can resolve their growing misunderstanding?

Vol.38 Chapter 355 : 3-A Forever
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiEcchiFantasyHaremMartial artsRomanceSchool lifeSci fiShounenSupernatural

Negi Springfield, a 10-year old magician, aspires to eventually become a "Magister Magi", a particular magician who, under the guise of operating under an NGO, utilizes his powers to help ordinary individuals. After graduating from the Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales, he could be delegated the job of teaching English at the middle-school, where his homeroom course consists of 31 daughters, each quite particular in her very own manner of Mahora Academy. The show details experiences and his time in Japan as he assists them in their troubles, attains approval and respect from his pupils, and confronts magic dangers from inside as well as outside Mahora Academy. Negi's main relationship is with Asuna Kagurazaka, room mate and his pupil, who dislikes him initially but after recognizes him as a friend and becomes his companion although all the women has her very own back story and character. He's also hunting for his dad who's called the Thousand Master.While initially seeming to be another romantic-comedy work featuring numerous bish?jo characters like Love Hina, the show, has advanced right into a mixture of sh?nen romance, fantasy, horror, action and comedy. Akamatsu said that he particularly wanted to do some thing "different" from Love Hina. Negi himself is prepubescent, and several of his scenes with Asuna are unique variations of the "awkward romantic scene" trend of harem manga, immediately defused and just played for laughs. Additionally, a lot of the girls are not unable to fawn over him in a childish sense with no expectations that are intimate in the reader [ study that is unique?]In maintaining this particular fashion, Negi himself is considered other typical male leads of manga as well as a comparison to Love Hina's Keitaro Urashima. He's hardworking, competent, and treated kindly, but due to his look and age (well below the majority of his pupils), he feels utterly non-threatening and finds it hard to be taken seriously as a teacher; several of his pupils handle him as a cunning little child, if not a playmate (or plaything)

Chapter 192.75
ActionAdultComedyDoujinshiDramaEcchiMartial artsSchool lifeShounenSupernatural

The storyline follows Medaka Kurokami, a magnetic and appealing first year Hakoniwa Academy pupil who's elected Student Council President with 98% of the vote. She addresses these petitions in her improper way, and with all the help with her childhood buddy Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, institutes a suggestion box. On the span of the narrative, the student council leadership places are distributed by her to other pupils like Mogana Kikaijima and Kouki Akune.The Student Council learns that the academy chairman means to initiate a job to powerfully experimentation on routine pupils, the Flask Plan, called Normals, so that you can turn them into Abnormals, that's people with superhuman powers. The Student Council conflicts with other pupils which are involved using the job and infiltrates the secret laboratory of the school.Soon after, Misogi Kumagawa who wishes to replace the Student Council with one of his own of Medaka challenges to a championship the Student Council. From his powers, two pupils are unsealed after the defeat of Kumagawa and complete their transport to Hakoniwa Academy. The 2 tend to be more strong than Abnormals and are dubbed "Not Equals". Their leader, Anshin'in, threatens to restart the Flask Plan once Medaka grads, driving their successors to be trained by the Student Council. Nevertheless, the accurate strategy of Anshin'in would be to have the standing as Student Council President of Zenkichi usurp Medaka. Zenkichi succeeds and does so on the pretense of enhancing the student life. He convinces Medaka to permit the Flask Plan for those people who are not unwilling.Took over from her responsibilities as president of the Student Council, Medaka shortly becomes involved in a championship to determine her husband. Medaka becomes the winner, choosing to wed Zenkichi after they both grad and enters herself. Shortly after, the close pal Hansode Shiranui of Zenkichi leaves the school. Zenkichi and medaka find she's to end up being another host for Iihiko Shishime, a 5000-year old being. He is defeated by medaka and vanishes after quitting the moon from crashing towards the Earth, simply to reappear in time for the year end service. Following her return, assume her dad's position ahead of her family's company conglomerate, the Kurokami Group, only to later return as the new chairwoman and Medaka determines to leave the academy. Ten years after, Zenkichi, had worked his way up the Kurokami Group, becoming a high level worker before reuniting with her, with both swearing to never get split again.

Chapter 144
ActionAdultComedyDoujinshiSci fiSeinenSupernatural

Follows the life of a hero who manages to win all battles with only one punch. This ability seems to frustrate him as he no longer feels the thrill and adrenaline of fighting a tough battle, which leads to him questioning his past desire of being strong. MURATA Yuusuke of Eyeshield 21 fame approached ONE for a collaboration of talents, with his redrawn version of Onepunch-Man. Raw: http://galaxyheavyblow.web.fc2.com/ The translation started at chapter 31, because by the time it began, the redrawn version was already approaching chapter 31.

Chapter 70.5
DoujinshiDramaFantasyManhwaShoujo aiFull ColorWebtoonsYuri

A relationship between the vampire who seeks salvation, and the two women who surround her. Vampire In Won dreams about living a normal life and learns new emotions when she meets her senior Juyi in college. Se Yeon, a childhood friend who is obsessed with Won, tries to separate the two, but Juyi is annoyed by Se Yeon and approaches Won purposely. The relationship between the three is heading towards destruction

Chapter 108.7: Perfect Guide 01: The Blind Alchemist
ActionAdultAdventureComedyDoujinshiDramaFantasyHistoricalMysteryPsychologicalSci fiShounenSupernatural

The brothers perform the banned alchemic technique of human transmutation in a effort to resurrect her when Trisha dies of the plague. As a result, the transmutation backfires and in law with equal exchange, the left leg and Alphonse's whole body of Edward are ruined. Edward loses his right arm to save Alphonse's soul, binding it having a blood seal into a suit of armour. Roy Mustang invites Edward to become a method to restore Alphonse's body to be researched by a State Alchemist. Edward triumphs, becoming the name according to his prosthetic post limbs, the Fullmetal Alchemist.Three years on, the Elrics search for the legendary Philosopher's Stone to realize their aims. Marcoh sends his notes to be found by them, however they learn the essential factor to really make the Stone is human sacrifices. The buddy of Mustang, Maes Hughes, carries on their research, but is shot dead with a disguised Envy for finding the strategies of the Homunculi.Seeing with Izumi, the Elrics learn human transmutation was perpetrated by her on her stillborn child. The rogue homunculus Greed captures Alphonse, but is saved by Amestris' president King Bradley, shown to function as homunculus Wrath. Greed is thus melted down by and reabsorbed inside the originator Father of the Homunculi. Winry and the Elrics return to Central City to go to with Hughes but learn of his passing. Lieutenant Maria Ross is framed for Hughes' homicide, but is apparently killed by Mustang. Yet, Edward learns Ross' departure was staged so she can be smuggled by Mustang from the united states to Xing, helped by Xingese prince Ling Yao. Hohenheim is reunited with by Edward but despises him for his long absence at residence.As the narrative advances, the Homunculi are encountered by the protagonists repeatedly. Mustang kills lust; Mustang and Ling captures Gluttony, however he ends up consuming Envy into his null, and Edward, Ling -like belly. Gluttony takes Alphonse to meet Father, but Ling turns right into a homunculus, specifically the newest avatar of Greed, when the others escape from the belly of Gluttony. The Elrics are released to continue their pursuit provided that Father isn't opposed by them.Locating an underground tunnel beneath Briggs, General Olivier Armstrong find Father and the Elrics has been creating a national transmutation group and intends to give its citizens so he is able to ascend to godhood. Greed recovers betrays Father and his previous self's memories, teaming up with after, and Edward, the chimera minions of Kimblee Hohenheim. Hohenheim discloses to his sons individually that he's not mortal, turned right into a living Philosopher's Stone by Father four hundred years back.The Promise Day arrives and Father prepares to begin his strategy having an eclipse and the ones who attempted human transmutation as his sacrifices that are essential. The various protagonists conflict with Father's minions, with all the Homunculi expiring. Following a forced Mustang, as well as the Elrics, Izumi, Hohenheim are collected as the causes dad activates the national transmutation. Nevertheless, Scar and Hohenheim activate the Amestrians to be saved by countermeasures. Greed is ruined by Father, although dad is faced above ground where the protagonists fight him to wear down his Philosopher's Stone.Alphonse, whose armour is all but ruined through the last conflict against Father, gives his spirit to regain the right arm, who in turn ruins Father's Stone, sending him back to the ethereal Gate of Truth of Edward. Edward loses his power to do alchemy to recover soul and Alphonse's body. Hohenheim sees the grave where he dies having a grin of Trisha.

Artbook Angel Eyes - Cape Cod, 1985
ActionAdultAdventureDoujinshiDramaMatureMysteryShounen aiTragedy

Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash's older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa's insatiably ambitious hands--and it's exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer from Japan, to make Ash Lynx's acquaintance... **[WARNING: Just in case you missed it, this is a TRAGEDY. If you don't want to cry, don't start reading it!]**

Chapter 192
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiEcchiFantasyHaremMartial artsRomanceSci fiShounenSupernatural

In the decade since the world became aware of the existence of magic, the world has undergone massive upheaval. However, a boy named Touta lives in seclusion in a rural town far removed from these changes. His ordinary life is highlighted by his magic-using female teacher and his supportive friends. When his tranquil daily life is disrupted, he embarks on a unique adventure.

Chapter 112

Death Note Manga is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The storyline follows a high school student who falls upon a supernatural laptop from a shinigami named Ryuk that allows its user the power to kill anyone whose name and face he understands, Light Yagami. The series centres around Light's subsequent attempts to make and rule a world "cleansed of evil" as a "God" using this located laptop, as well as the efforts of a detective called L to stop him. Light Yagami is a blase young prodigy who resents all things bad. His life experiences a radical change when he falls upon the "Death Note", a laptop that kills anyone whose name is written inside. After testing with all the laptop, its credibility is confirmed by Light and is joined through an unexpected house guest - the previous owner of the laptop, a shinigami called Ryuk. Light tells Ryuk of his plan to exterminate all of the individuals he considers unfair and wrong in the planet, until only individuals whom he's deemed truthful and type stay. Once he ends creating this utopia, he means to rule over it as the self proclaimed "God of the new world".Main character in Death Note mangaShortly, the inexplicable deaths of offenders get the eye of Interpol as well as the world-renowned detective, "L". L stages a fake public appearance and immediately deduces the serial killer, openly called "Kira" (based on the Japanese pronunciation of the word "killer"), is situated in the Kanto area and will kill people without direct contact. Lighting starts a cat and mouse game with him, and recognizes that L will be his biggest hindrance, in the efforts of stopping his life and learning his identity.By helping his task force and L track down Kira light efforts to produce an alibi. His strategy is impeded well-known model Misa Amane by a lovestruck second Kira, and her shinigami Rem. Misa trails him to his house, where he consents to be her boyfriend in exchange for her obedience and conformity and identifies Light as the primary Kira. Nevertheless, Misa's infatuation with Light shortly drives her to make several errors that are tactical and L begins to discover the two increasingly more funny from the second. Misa interrogated and is soon arrested and Light turns himself in voluntarily shortly after. They both subsequently relinquish ownership of the Death Notes, erasing their memories of everything they did involved using the publication.Death Note MangaThroughout their detention, a third Kira appears. L releases them plus they can be put under house arrest in the headquarters of L when it becomes clear that Misa and Light cannot be carrying out the homicides of the third Kira. The task force get him and identify the third Kira as Yotsuba Group executive Kyosuke Higuchi. Upon touching the laptop, Light recovers his memories as Kira and kills Higuchi, recovering possession of the Death Note "exactly as planned". The task force verify the existence of shinigami and learns of the Death Notes. His elaborate strategy is subsequently completed by light into killing his guard Watari and L to save Misa's life by manipulating Rem. Rem expires herself because killing to prolong the lifespan of individual breaks shinigami law. Upon L's departure, Light becomes the second "L" and continues his charade of hunting for Kira while carrying out the crimes himself.The story picks up four years after, with Kira pulling a swell of public support as well as a sizable network of contacts. Two young men, raised to L as possible successors, are shown - Near, a detective and the United States Government associated, and Mello, an associate of the Mafia. As his first action against Kira, Mello efforts to obtain the Death Note held by the Kira task force, by kidnapping the manager of the National Police Agency in Japan. When Light homicides the manager out of hand this strategy is stymied. Refocusing on the families of the task force, Mello kidnaps the sister Sayu as a replacement of Light; the task force's laptop is lost to Mello, although she's immediately saved. To recover it, Light's dad Soichiro commerces half of his remaining life to Ryuk for the "Shinigami Eyes" - the skill to view people's names on sight. During an assault on the headquarters of Mello, Soichiro learns the name of Mello, but doesn't kill him. He's shot at repeatedly a strike, and dies soon later in hospital.After this, several and Near members of the task force start to imagine of being Kira Light. In result, Light gets Misa to quit her laptop and lifts another "Kira", Teru Mikami, a prosecutor and fervent supporter of Kira. Mikami kills Kira's former spokesman for being selfish and recruits the former girlfriend of Light, a newscaster and Kiyomi Takada, to replace him. Light shows himself to Takada as the first Kira, and understanding that the other Kiras and he are under Near's surveil, builds a decoy strategy to hide the location of the authentic Death Note.Mello kidnaps and returns Takada, who kills him with a laptop piece that is concealed. Light subsequently gets Takada commit suicide from implicating him to keep her, but Mikami, oblivious of the activities of Light, tries to kill her as well. This exposes the true Death Note Mikami has hidden, showing the strategy of Light in the final minute. In the story's climax, the two investigation teams meet in the "Yellow Box Warehouse". Mikami, who writes down the names of everybody in the warehouse except Light soon joins them. Near subsequently shows that he replaced the laptop of Mikami using a forgery and the names written implicate Light as Kira. In despair, Light attempts to make use of the laptop bit that is final in his watch to kill Near, but task force member Touta Matsuda, who's enraged in the way in which Light called his own daddy a victim, shoots him several times. Ryuk realises Light uses his private Death Note to kill Light having a heart attack, as he promised to do at the start of the narrative and has lost.Other manga:+ Terra Formars+ Claymore manga

Chapter 111
ActionAdultDoujinshiFantasyOne shotSci fiShounen

The world is in constant turmoil, with constant wars breaking out between Heroes and Villains. Gifted with supernatural abilities, one lone girl sets out on a bloody path for revenge against the injustices of the world she lives in. With the constant clashes between titans, no one is safe. If no one is willing to protect the innocent, who are the real heroes, and who are the real villains? What truly separates one from the other?

Vol.19 Chapter 93.9 : Between The End Of Life And Heaven
ActionAdultCookingDoujinshiDramaRomanceSchool lifeShoujoSupernaturalTragedy

Yuuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a vampire... And then rescued by another. Now 10 years later, Cross Yuuki, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, has grown up and become a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her childhood crush, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school. But also at her side is Kiryuu Zero, a childhood friend who's hatred for the creatures that destroyed everything he held dear, is now determined never to trust them. This coexisting arrangement seems all well and good, but have the vampires truly renounced their murderous ways, or is there a darker truth behind their actions. Because in this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems. And the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death.

Chapter 53

From Weblations Official Synopsis: The man-eating monster 'Infectee'. I became a monster.

Chapter 30
ActionAdultComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaEcchiHorrorMatureRomanceSci fiShounen

Highschool of the Dead is set in present day Japan, starting as the planet is hit with a fatal pandemic that turns people into zombies, euphemistically referred to from the primary characters as "Them" (?? Yatsura?).The storyline follows a number of highschool students (as well as the college nurse) as they cope using a world-wide catastrophic event called the "Outbreak". They also have to confront the further risks of social fall, in the kind of dangerous survivors, and the potential decay of their particular moral codes as the cast attempts to survive the zombie apocalypse. Beginning in the HS, the pupils getaway into town at the place where they have to cope with his pupils and a tainted teacher. They get a dog as well as a small girl, and assess for survivors in their houses. Afterwards, they finally make their way to an elementary-school which is allegedly a secure zone, go through a police station, and last in a shopping center.

Chapter 8

.Lozzo is a runaway soldier. One day, he learns that the army has sent Darkness Hound, one of their best assassins, to kill him. But what will happen when they finally cross paths?(Source: MU)

Chapter 184 : Extra #004 - Time For Thanks
ActionAdultComedyDoujinshiSchool lifeSci fiShounenSupernatural

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Manga Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Manga is an ongoing Japanese series which revolves around the class 3E of the Kunugigaoka Middle School.The author of this entertaining series is Matsui Yuusei. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Manga was released in the year of 2014.The story depicts about the students of the class 3E in this school who practise the by greeting the sensei in the morning. The greeting of the sensei is always done with a huge and massive firing squad.Ansatsu Kyoushitsu mangaThe students of class 3E are quite dull in their academics and are often being discriminated by the remaining students in the school. A sensei is a bizarre collaboration of a deadly looking alien and an octopus.A mission is being assigned to the students to assassinate the tentacled creature named as "Koro sensei".This peculiar creature has the ability to move at the speed of mach-20.This tentacled creature was responsible for destroying the moon and it also rendered the moon's shape into a crescent form.The weird creature has also warned the students regarding the destruction of the planet Earth in the period of one year.Later on, the students realise that Koro sensei is an indestructible teacher in this universe.They also claim the Koro sensei to be an indomitable creature and the best teachers that they ever faced in their life.This action based series mainly focuses on the students of class 3E adapting and showcasing some powerful assassination skills and techniques to fight against the indestructible creature.The author also tells about the difficult times of the students being faced in their school and in life.Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Manga means "Assassination classroom" in English.This series has been published in English by Viz Media under the name as "Assassination classroom" on December 2, 2014 with the help of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.This series has also been published in Italy as Panini comics in May 2014. An action film based on this series was ranked as number one in Japanese box office.Video games based on this series was released on March 2015 with a warm welcome.Other manga :+ Tower of God Manga+ Read Berserk Manga

Chapter extra
DoujinshiOne shotYaoi

Virgin Pink Scandal summary is updating. Come visit manga1001.top sometime to read the latest chapter of Virgin Pink Scandal. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 112 : Final Chapter (End)
ActionAdultComedyDoujinshiHorrorMatureSci fiShounenSupernatural

Plants have taken over the planet. In 2017, the vegetation in Tokyo rose up and toppled human society in moments. The few survivors are forced to live in the relative safety of a subway network, but supplies are running low. Join an average high school student named Akira as he challenges the plants in a struggle for survival!

Vol.14 Chapter Extra : Sora No Otoshimono: The Movie
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaEcchiHaremMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSchool lifeSci fiShounenSupernaturalTragedy

Tomoki Sakurai is a perverted teen boy whose slogan is "Peace and quiet are the best," and frequently has goals of meeting an angel. He finds it almost impossible to reside in relaxation when he must put up with Sohara Mitsuki, his next door neighbor with a killer karate chop; Eishiro Sugata, a strange pseudo-scientist bent on finding the "New World"; and Mikako Satsukitane, their college sadistic student council president. One night, while he was watching a peculiar anomaly in the heavens, a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) crash lands near-by. Tomoki finds that what fell in the skies is a winged feminine humanoid named Ikaros from an unfamiliar world of Synapse, who shortly declares herself to be the servant of Tomoki. From then on, more creatures identified as "Angeloids" arrive; with this, he loses his solace, but in the exact same time discovers nice matters the Angeloids bring him, and battle the forces that drop up on Earth.Tomoki SakuraiTomoki is a teen lad[a] who desires nothing over a tranquil and peaceful existence in Sorami City. He's experienced a recurring dream where he meets an angel, who will be taking off off to the heavens, much to his disappointment, since youth.[ch. 1][b] His existence is forever altered when he meets Ikaros, an angel-like animal who falls from the heavens and becomes his servant.[ch. 1] Despite being a shameless pervert,[c] a characteristic greatly affected by his grandfather and mom,[ch. 7,33,36,49] Tomoki is explained as a-kind and honest man. He strives to make Ikaros and also the resident Angeloids act more like people by having them-not be so focused on compliance, and telling them to make their particular choices.[ch. 9] Although he consents to be Nymph's grasp, he declines to formalize that bond-like he did with Ikaros.[ch. 3 9] He is normally drawn with superb deformed parameters, except when he's serious or relaxed.Tomoki sometimes uses a device to change himself in to a lady named Tomoko (???), therefore he can slip into girls locker-room. But when he's excessively sexually aroused or anxious, these devices will breakdown and he changes back.[ch. 11,33] His lecherous actions and strategies frequently end in failure and mischief.

Vol.11 Chapter 44 : Aion From The Blue Sea [End]
ActionAdultComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaFantasyRomanceSchool lifeShounenSupernaturalTragedy

Tsugawa Tatsuya just lost his parents in an accident... but he's trying not to let that keep him too down as he starts high school. While trying to obey his father's final wish for him to become an upstanding man, he ends up helping a girl who was being bullied. Despite her exceedingly cold nature, he just can't leave her alone... which may not necessarily be to his benefit, as he ends up getting wrapped up in a world where things like parasitic mind-controlling bugs exist...

Chapter 9

Pairing: Zoro x SanjiSanji meets a beautiful and mysterious woman in his dreams who takes something from him...

Chapter 569: Bonus Chapter: The Future Since Then
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaEcchiFantasyGender benderHaremHistoricalHorrorJoseiMartial artsMatureMechaMedicalMysteryOne shotPsychologicalRomanceSchool lifeSci fiSeinenShoujoShoujo aiShounenShounen aiSlice of lifeSmutSportsSupernaturalTragedyWebtoonsYaoiYuriManhwaManhuaIsekai

Ayasaki Hayate is only 16 years old when he's abandoned, leaving him to fend for himself against the yakuza, who are after his organs to settle his parents' massive gambling debt. Looking for a way to somehow acquire 157 million yen before he is cut up by gangsters, he stumbles upon a rich girl whom he can kidnap and ransom. The only problem: he's a terrible criminal, and ends up saving her life from other would-be kidnappers and apparently confesses his love for her. In order to work off his debt, the girl, Nagi (who is convinced that Hayate is in love with her), and her maid Maria (who knows otherwise), allow him to work as a butler at their mansion. Hayate's tenure as a butler is not easy, however, and is filled with talking tigers, homicidal robots, jealous relatives, and overarching hilarity. Serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday+ Feng Shen Ji Manhua

Chapter 20 : Bonus Chapters
ActionAdultAdventureComedyDoujinshiDramaHorrorMysteryPsychologicalSci fiSeinen

From Viz: Something is rotten in Okinawa...the floating stench of death hangs over the island..What is it? A strange, legged fish appears on the scene...so begins Tadashi and Kaori's spiral into the horror (and stench) of the sea. --- *Includes two bonus stories called The Sad Tale of the Principal Post in vol 1. The Enigma of the Amigara Fault in vol 2.

Chapter 63
ComedyDoujinshiEcchiGender benderShoujo aiSlice of life

A 30-year-old business man makes a wish to be a girl. A chanting object runs toward him, and the next thing he knows he has become an elementary school girl.Related:> Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita P! ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/joshi-shougakusei-hajimemashita-p-r12405 )

Chapter 80: Kenshin (Part 3) [End]
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiFantasyGender benderRomanceSci fiShoujoShounen

Feng Lan is A - 19-year old woman who's challenged by her twin brother to perform with a virtual-reality game called Second Life. Being the primary player to log on the sport, she's permitted to recognize her actual existence seems from her avatar; so she creates a good-looking male elf named Prince. In sport, she types a-team known as the Odd Squads which consists of: Lolidragon, women concealed game moderator; Ugly Wolf, a creature race Priest character; Doll, a necromancer; Guilastes, a bard with the appeal to Prince; and Yu Lian, a lady mage. The Odd Squads contend in a championship emerging successful as the narrative advances and therefore are given a big city that they identify as Infinity City which Prince is voted to direct. Ahead of the town is open to people, Prince drifts onto another continent and leaves in search of companions to serve under her. There, she befriends Yun Fei, Lu Jing and her actual life buddies and becomes concerned in a concealed quest which gives her with two NPCs with self-awareness Sunshine, Kenshin and.As the storyline advances, Prince learns that the self-conscious NPC named Lord of Life is commanding an army of NPCs to delete the people that may keep them from returning to the match. Through the sport, players are gathered by Prince in reaction so that you can fight the menace. It's disclosed Long Dian is the reason behind the AI rebellion and wants to obtain eternal existence through Second Life. Long Dian's NPCs powers the planet greatest researchers to give him a new body and consider charge of the planet 's superweapons. Her fellow travelers and Prince get the better of Long Dian's new super-anatomy, stopping his reign of terror. During the conflict, Feng Lan's lifestyle is saved by Guilastes and Guilastes is finally chosen and weds by Feng Lan.

Chapter 14.1

Tells the story of Red in the Indigo league, a league in which they participate champions, leaders and the best coaches in all regions. +

Chapter 258 : Special: Yahiko No Sakabatou
ActionAdultAdventureCookingDoujinshiHistoricalMartial artsRomanceShounen

ReadRurouni Kenshin MangaKenshin gets the better of the imitation Batt?sai and decides to help her. After finding that Kenshin is the ill-famed assassin that is actual, Kaoru offers him a spot to keep at her dojo noting that he's peace loving rather than cold hearted, as his name means. Kenshin begins to create lifelong relationships with many individuals for example Sagara Sanosuke, a former Sekih and takes? Army member; Myojin Yahiko, an orphan from a samurai family who's also living as her pupil with Kaoru; as well as a physician named Takani Megumi, found in the opium trade. Hajime.After several months of residing in the dojo, Kenshin finds that his successor as assassin Shishio Makoto, of the shadows, intends to capture Japan by ruining the Meiji Government, beginning with Kyoto. Believing that Shishio's faction may attacks his buddies, to be able to get the better of him Kenshin goes to meet with Shishio alone. Nevertheless, a lot of his buddies, including a youthful Oniwabansh? After his first meeting with him, Kenshin understands he must get more powerful without becoming the cold assassin he was in yesteryear and returns to the guy who instructed him kenjutsu, Hiko Seij?r?, to be able to understand the institution 's closing technique to get the better of Shishio. He finally takes his friends' help and gets the better of Shishio in a close fight; Shishio expires being engulfed in flames as a result of rise in his body temperature due to his serious burns.He locates Yukishiro Enishi, who intends to take revenge by killing his buddies, when Kenshin and his friends return to Tokyo. Now it's shown that, during the Bakumatsu, Kenshin had been wed to some girl named Yukishiro Tomoe. They both fell in love and got married, but although she'd initially wished to avenge the death of her fiance whom Kenshin had killed. It's subsequently found that Tomoe was portion of several assassins that needed to kill Kenshin, and they betray Tomoe and got to use as bait. Kenshin runs to rescue her, killing both inadvertently Tomoe and his assailant, who jumps in at the very last minute to save Kenshin from a lethal strike. Once finding that Kaoru is not dead, Kenshin and his buddies set out to save her. A conflict between Kenshin and Enishi follows and he and Kaoru return home when Kenshin wins. Five years after, Kenshin and Kaoru have wed and has a son named Himura Kenji.Other manga+ Rohan at the louvre manga+ Itazura na kiss

Chapter 234
ActionAdultComedyDoujinshiSchool lifeSci fiShounenSupernatural

ReadWorld Trigger Manga OnlineIn Mikado City (280 000 inhabitants), a "gate" to another world is opened unexpectedly one day. Creatures called "Neighbors" begin appearing from it, many people are scared of them because Earth's arms do not work against them, but a cryptic group begins fighting off the Neighbors. They, the "Border" protection bureau, develop a defense system from the Neighbors. Now, since that time, whatever the Neighbors still appearing in the gates, individuals of Mikado City were dwelling generally. Yumother Kuga, a humanoid Neighbor, comes to Mikado City, where he fulfills a Border representative, Osamu Mikumo four plus a half years following the gate is opened for the very first time.Main characters inWorld Trigger MangaOsamu Mikumo is a character in among the key protagonists plus the anime and manga show World Trigger. He could be a B Class Shooter and captain of Mikumo Unit.Yumother Kuga is a character in among the key protagonists plus the anime and manga show World Trigger. He could be a Bclass Attacker and member of Mikumo Unit. He's a Neighbor.Yuichi Jin is an A Class (previously S Class) member of Border, and part of Tamakoma Branch. He's among the primary protagonists of World Trigger Manga.Chika Amatori is a character in among the key protagonists plus the anime and manga show World Trigger. She's a B Class Sniper and member of Mikumo Unit.Replica is Yuma the guard of Kuga. This is a self described "multi-task Trion Warrior".Daisuke Ashihara wrote and illustrated the manga. Individual chapters have been serialized in Weekly Shunen Jump since February 2013, and therefore are rolled up into tankubon volumes published by Shueisha. As of September 2015, a dozen volumes are released in Japan. The set has been permitted by Viz Media+ Wind Breaker Manga

Chapter 146.1 : Omake: Psyren Bangaihen
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiFantasyMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSci fiShounenSupernatural

PSYREN follows the adventures of Ageha Yoshina, a high school student who is chosen by Nemesis Q as a participant in the Psyren games. The games take place in a world known initially as Psyren, which is revealed to be the real world in the future. Ageha and his friends attempt to alter the future and save the world from becoming Psyren.

Vol.2 Chapter 14 V2 : Comiket
ActionAdultAdventureComedyCookingDoujinshiDramaEcchiFantasyGender benderHaremHistoricalHorrorIsekaiJoseiManhuaManhwaMartial artsMatureMechaMedicalMysteryOne shotPsychologicalRomanceSchool lifeSci fiSeinenShoujoShoujo aiShounenShounen aiSlice of lifeSmutSportsSupernaturalTragedyWebtoonsYaoiYuri

Story about a Yuuka Yoshimi, a young girl working in a Eroge-making studio, learning how to...make a good ecchi CG

Chapter 58: mahiro and the marine ranger..
ComedySlice of lifeGender benderDoujinshi

Oyama Mihari's brother turns into a girl after she slips a certain medicine into his dinner. This is the story of him learning the ways of being a girl.

Vol.15 Chapter 119 : Hope

Read Battle Royale MangaBattle Royale Manga has been accommodated into a manga that was serialized, composed by Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi, was released in Japan by Akita Publishing. Tokyopop consists of 15 volumes and distributes in English the manga. There's a manga sequel called Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale. At October 2007, a fresh special version of the manga will probably be published.The manga follows the storyline of the novel fairly carefully, but additionally enlarges on the back story of all the pupils. Additionally it is much more sexually graphic as opposed to movie and novel versions, and can also be noted for the extreme violence.In addition, the English version of manga alters the time the story is occur by nearly 10 years, utilizing the phrase 'in the close future', but on Shogo Kawada's account, it references the software 2005 period; he claims his last application was a year-ago, resulting in the supposition the manga establishes the story in 2006. In quantity among the English language variation, the information channel reporter as well as Shinji Mimura mentions the 2007 report of seven hours, three times and twenty two minutes. To the 2009 period, which will be the 2009 one Kamon refers in quantity 14. Not one of the dates are mentioned in the first Japanese version. Seemingly they were formulated by Keith Giffen through the variation (see below) along with a number of other particulars nonexistent in the authentic.The manga revolves around seven main figures, for instance, righteous Shuya Nanahara, the tender and affectionate Noriko Nakagawa, the case-hardened expert Shogo Kawada, the pro Shinji Mimura, the kindhearted kungfu expert Hiroki Sugimura, the distressed Mitsuko Souma, as well as the cool, merciless Kazuo Kiriyama. As of January 2006, all 1-5 volumes are released in Japan. In Great Britain and the United States all 1-5 of the volumes are released as of April 2006.Primary Character in Battle Royal mangaShuya Nanahara is among the three primary protagonists plus a fictional Japanese pupil. Shuya, who's nicknamed "Shu", lives in the fictional city Shiroiwa in Kagawa Prefecture.Noriko Nakagawa is the primary female protagonist of the show. She's among the class of third year pupils in Shuya's college. Noriko has a crush on Shuya, whom she admired for his songs and songwriting.Battle Royale Manga's CharactersShogo Kawada is the victor of an earlier Program as well as a transfer pupil. In the start he joins up with all the both of these and satisfies Shuya and Noriko.Kazuo Kiriyama is the main opponent, who attempts to win the Program (utilizing a coin toss to determine whether or not he performs), killing the most quantity of pupils in the class making him the biggest risk. It's afterwards mentioned he'd experienced an automobile crash in a youthful age (where he watched his mother's passing), causing brain injury and resulting in too little emotions and sorrow.Mitsuko Souma is the secondary antagonist, regarded among the very beautiful women in the system, she's also the female together with the most kills, along with the most deranged, in using her womanly wiles and power to feign feelings to falsify afterward kill her school mates triumphing. It's later shown that these emotional issues come from the following sexual abuse she received from her step-father in addition to physical abuse from her very own mom, as well as her dad after her parents divorced, leaving.

Chapter 17 V2 : Sky Blue [End]
ActionAdultAdventureCookingDoujinshiDramaMatureMechaMysteryRomanceSci fiSeinenTragedy

From MangaHelpers: The world is in a war against an alien race called "Mimics," who have taken over most of the world with a mission to eliminate the human race. Keiji Kiriya is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, which is battling against these "Mimics." On his first day of deployment, Keiji and his unit encounter "Mimics" and are all killed... Or was it all a dream? For some inexplicable reason, after every time he dies, he is resurrected and returned back to the day before the battle. Why does this happen to Keiji and how can he escape from this never ending cycle?