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Chapter 30

.Seong Jin, an editor of a men's magazine, spends his new working life as quietly as possible, until one day, during the workshop he attended with the women from his editorial department, one of them assaulted' him in the middle of the night. Without remembering much of what happened due to how drunk he was, Seong Jin began the search for the culprit. I want to know who I did it with!', He says himself, thus beginning a necessary tasting of each of the delicacies' to find out which of them did he dined' that night.

Chapter 30 - the end

"Gu-ho, can you help take a look at mine?"Gu-ho and Yoonji were reunited as new employees at BS Electronics. Yoonji, who is famous for her beauty, approached him affectionately, and Gu-ho, with his open-mindedness, devotes himself to her. But Yoonji's intentions for Gu-ho weren't as affectionate as it seems, as she approached him from the start to make use of Gu-ho