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Haga-kun wa KamaretaiVol.1 Chapter 8

.Prisoner Haga was tired of his boring life in jail and thought of staging a jailbreak! Just at that moment, an alpha prison officer was assigned to him...?Synopsis to be updated as series progresses.


.Three years ago, the operation leader Jiang Ting made an error in judgment, a chain explosion occurred at the scene, and there were heavy casualties in the unit. Three years later, he, supposed to have died in duty, returned to the world, doing ever

Daehyun Laundry - We Wash EverythingSide.3(end) : [END]

.Milk Mocha Scans~~Summary: Police officer Ma Youngtae's first post is in the rural countryside where he gets a rude awakening when he realizes he won't be able to continue his promiscuous life. No matter where he looks, it's all grandmas and grandpa

A Deceitful MarriageChapter 30

Our Duke, who came last year, returned without dying.Sylvia, a poor noble lady, left her house to avoid an unwanted marriage.The place Sylvia made her new home is the Dukes of War fanatic Victor Aswan.Rumored to be a vicious killer, he is destined to

Justice (Vigilante)Chapter 73

The law is flawed and I'll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that released you.

Mr. LiarChapter 19
ActionDramaRomanceShounen ai

Coquettish Lawyer x Tsundere Detective! Officer Shen, the human-lie-detector detective, finds it difficult to resist the smooth-talking lawyer, his nemesis who spits out lies like flowing electric current. "You used to be my closest friend, yet you r

Reset Life of Regression PoliceChapter 32

The story of Choi Jong-hyuk, the head of the crime investigation intelligence team, when he wanted to find his mother's body, he had a mysterious accident then somehow he returned to 1997.

Ouroboros: Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni AriChapter 0

At first glance Ryuzaki Ikuo, a detective in the Shinjuku Police Department's 2nd detective unit, and Danno Tatsuya, a high ranking member of the Matsuo yakuza clan have nothing in common. However, they both are working themselves up the ladder in th

Isshiki-san wa Koi wo shiritaiChapter 30

A maiden who doesn't know what love is tries her hand at dating as a pseudo-couple! Inspector Rinna, who is respected by everyone as a hard-working and serious policeman, seems to be having trouble with her work lately. The reason for this is becaus

Yomotsuhegui: Fruit of the UnderworldChapter 10

x-policeman Kanetsugu Nawa is a model prisoner, imprisoned for murder and attempted murder in an act of revenge for his late wife and daughter.After being released on parole and shunned by his only remaining family, he returns to the only thing he ha

On a Deserted Island with Beautiful SistersChapter 21
ActionRomanceMartial arts

Veteran Liu Yi suffered an air crash and was exiled on a deserted island, killing wild boars and fighting savages for his livelihood. Unexpectedly, the beautiful empty sisters, the se** mixed-race beauties, and the gentle kindergarten teachers threw

My Accidental Country LifeChapter 63

Accidental Countryside Diary / Countryside Diary by Accident / Who said rural life is peaceful? Tricked by his grandfather, city boy Jiyool stumbles into Heedong village and is now the local vet. Nothing seems to go right for him in his new life, un

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yoChapter 13

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yo

Calling SeriesVol.3.5 chapter 0: calling dj - yes man

Volume 1: Calling1-2. Calling3. Night Call4-5. Ougon no AmeVolume 2: Nowhere1. Stray Sheep2. Blue Me3. Everything4. Nowhere5. Pandora6. SoarVolume 3: Eden1. Replay2. Sly3. Rain4. Sorrow5. Lost6. Eden

Wild Dog MisfireChapter 45

A detective moves in with a bombmaker. After his divorce and demotion, Detective Yoon thinks life can't possibly get worse. That is, until his sister asks him to move in with her fianc Junggu, a former bombmaker trying to get a fresh start. But just

Knights of NightChapter 33

A Hard DayChapter 25

Mama, just killed a man After killing someone in a drunk driving accident, crooked detective Gunsoo Ko hides the body inside her mother's casket. But when a mysterious caller claims knowledge of the murder and demands the body back, Gunsoo finds hers

Minjeong DaysChapter 26

Mezzon ZChapter 9.1

Murdist: Death Row Inmate Tazaru KazamiChapter 16

Tazuru Kazami is a death row inmate who murdered 89 people in just a few years. With her murders gaining a reputation as beautiful "art," the number of copycat crimes has recently skyrocketed and become a social problem. In the midst of this, the imp

Mirror GameChapter 82

The ultimate race against time. Master illusionist K becomes a viral sensation after successfully hypnotizing people through their streams. But for their very last trick, they hypnotize all their viewers to commit mass suicide. Meanwhile, Jinwoo wake

Layton Brothers Mystery Room: Perfect Crime PuzzlesChapter 28

Level 5's hit Professor Layton series sees the smartphone title "Layton Brothers Mystery Room" make its manga debut! Starring none other than Professor Layton's son!? Watch as the strongest duo solve dozens of strange murder mysteries!