SaitoroSucks big time on  The Immortal Doctor
Ch 129 appears to be the last chapter, when it randomly shifts to a different manga. Waste of time to read when it takes 120 chapters for him to unleash some form of cultivation (never explained) and then abruptly end on a cliffhanger in the middle of the story.
Autumn1405Rocks on  Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini
🥰☺️ no drama, only wholesome moments
IlovetaeinjikookficsKinda bad on  Melancholic Mellow Mellow
Kinda bad
KissimebPretty good on  Heart Silent
I liked it but the ending was too abrupt
Core Nichijou
Core NichijouRocks on  Reality Lover
MadisonRocks on  Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu
MadisonRocks on  Contradict
KriscapeloRocks on  On or Off
IlovetaeinjikookficsPretty good on  Vanilla Resort
Pretty good
anon don’t like this💀Rocks on  Kayashimashi no Yuuga na Seikatsu
This manga is really good, I confirm.
I’m bi man booba’s are lifeRocks on  Retsujou PARADOX -Banken ha Yoru Kiba wo Muku-
Best plot story, good romance and beautiful artwork 5/5
Lunaluna42Rocks on  Koisuru Hotaru to Kurashiteru
Ale88Kinda bad on  Survival Marriage
Two parallel universe: in one the female lead is veey important for the male lead but the only thing they do is working in bed, in the other one the two have a mytical force that want them to work in bed....
doikrabiRocks on  I Raised the Villains Preciously
Honestly so adorable and

I recommend to anyone who like:
motherly fls, pretty art, and childcare. Small warning: The translation for some chapter aren't the best and there are times where you may question the fl's actions.

Plot in my POV:
Girl gets transmigrated into a novel and raises three kids who were originally raised to be villains. Her actions change the whole course of the story, leading to new discoveries about herself and others around her.

It's a really cute manhwa to read when you want to try out something new. It does start a little slow, but it get better the more you read to the point where it feels as if you're raising the children your self and ITS SO HARD TO SEPARSTE FROM THEMBut it's really good, not many manhwas like this😊👍
Your mom-Meh on  Return of the Legend
It was good but than got bad it started getting confusing and all this guy is doing is getting rich by using some type of power of his ancestors it was good at the beginning than like Halfway he starts building a harem which pis*** me off than at now it's just confusing so I'm just gonna drop it here.
SquirrelRocks on  Blackcat and Magician
Great art and interesting story...
maxipadRocks on  Sadistic Beauty

I personally think it's an awesome drama!

IChangedMyNameAgainRocks on  Love Thy Neighbor
Pu*** tightMeh on  Aiseyo Bakemono
In my opinion the manga had lot of potencial to be among the very good ones but it just happened to not be. For me there was something missing among the lines maybe? The manga felt very rushed and to the last moment i thought the top was a straight guy i mean idk. Maybe I'm just being to critical and it was just to realistic for me idk. But I really liked the story of it and the potential is there. After all don't regret reading it.
LeafRocks on  After Staring at the Starry Sky
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