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The Origin of Species

종의기원; The Origin of Species

Authors : Harusari ASHK TANSEOM

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Yaoi , Mature , Smut

Chapters: 124

Last update: 15 days ago


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.Self-made young chaebol Alpha Seo Seung-hyun received a secret request from a high-ranking executive of a company to win a weapon at a secret auction in Shanghai.However, the auction is shattered by someone's interference, and the request is in danger of failing.The only clue is a team of mercenaries caught at the site trying to intercept weapons.Hacker Lee Young-jin, who was put into the mission under the direction of the mysterious character'Teacher', proposes a deal to Seung-hyun, who wants to deal with them harshly. Instead of giving them a clue to find a weapon, they release their colleagues and shoot a's*x video' as collateral.Young OMEGA's absurd proposal, which is stupid but gives off a strange color, gradually begins to show interest in Youngjin...